How To: Travel Tulum

When people think of Mexico, the first thing that comes to mind is Cancun and spring break – am I right?

There’s much more to it especially if you’re looking for a different ambiance.

I’d been to Mexico before two years ago, and stayed at a hotel. Mexico has so many all-inclusive resorts. I stayed at one and unfortunately the food was crappy which is expected at an all-inclusive.

You’re limited to what you can do since you stay at the resort unless you buy excursions. I had fun and visited one of the “New 7 Wonders of the World,” but I wanted to experience Mexico like a local.

First thing I had to do was find an Airbnb and then look up flight prices.

Out of all the places I found in Tulum – this was my favorite. (link) 



My host was amazing and the community had a security guard on duty 24 hours. I went with two other friends and we had the pool all to ourselves!

I referenced FarahPink’s blog post on her first time in Tulum and figured I could use the tips since I wanted to stay like a local!

We rented out bikes since that would be our means of transportation. We used our bikes to go everywhere from restaurants, the Ruins, and the beaches!

  • The Tulum Ruins:
    • The first time I went to Mexico and visited the ruins I got a tour guide, but this isn’t necessary. All you’ve gotta do is research the history beforehand and it’ll make the experience even better! Check out JauntingJen’s post with an in depth guide! Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 5.06.17 AM
  • Tulum Sign:
    • If you’re interested in taking an Instagram worthy picture with your friends, there is a spot right before heading up to the Tulum Ruins! #TULUM Everyone is friendly so it’ll be easy for you to spot someone who is willing to take a photo of you and your group of friends like we did!Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 5.19.13 AM
  • Coba Ruins:
    • Please be aware. If you are afraid of heights, it is not recommended to climb the Coba steps. It is 120 steps up to the top, but it is extremely steep. The only thing there for grip is a rope in the middle of the set of steps. Like the Tulum Ruins, there is lots of history surrounding Coba. Check out this post to learn more! IMG_4519.jpg
  • Ziggy Beach Club
    • This place offers beach service which makes it easier for you to work on that tan! It opens at 7AM and closes at 11PM. The food is delicious and the service is impeccable. We were convinced that everyone in Tulum is nice – which is refreshing as New Yorkers can sometimes be too angry.


One of our favorite parts of Tulum were these street signs with inspo instead of directions! Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 5.22.37 AMScreen Shot 2017-12-14 at 5.22.19 AM

Tulum was one of my favorite trips like Switzerland because I got to enjoy it like a local. Also, on this trip I was super active so I didn’t feel bad about all the food and drinks I was having!


  • Research Airbnbs in depth and know where you’re staying.
  • Reach out to your phone provider and ask if they offer a service in Mexico this way you’ll be able to use your GPS and apps like Uber.
  • Make sure to exchange money in the U.S! The banks over there charge much more for the exchange rate.
  • Most to all places in Mexico are cash only. They won’t accept cards and sometimes don’t have ATM machines. Make sure you take enough or are willing to pay extra to exchange your money over there!

Would you travel to Tulum? It’s a risk for some as many people feel more safe staying at a resort in Mexico, but we definitely recommend it for a group of three or more!




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